Harbord Homeopathic Clinic

For 25 years, our clinic has been recommended by local doctors, midwives and chiropractors

We are a family focused practice with a common sense grounded approach and a wealth of experience

Our practitioners integrate wholistic principals with a sound knowledge of medical sciences

Improvement of Glue Ear Symptoms in our clinic*
Growth in Homeopathy per year worldwide**
Improvement of long-standing diseases treated with Homeopathy***

Our Team

Angela Nicholson
Mel Owen-Browne
Penny Barron
Elaine Timmer
Jacqui Harrison
Susie Boulton
Bernadette English
Linlee Jordan
Louise Ross-Campbell

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  • Cardamon-custard
    Cardamom Coconut Custard and Choc Chia plus health benefits
    This cardamom recipe appeals to...
  • cutting-hair
    Hair Analysis: Ten Hints About Cutting The Hair
    What is Hair Analysis? Hair analysis...
  • Child-Fear-Scare
    Natural Support for Tics and Tourette's
    Supporting Tourette's Naturally It was somewhat...
  • family in the park
    Autism is helped by several different styles of homeopathy
    Constitutional remedies; isopathic homeopathy; the...
  • two people near a cliff decide facing your fears is a good idea
    Facing your fears – the end of your comfort zone
    Facing your fears – life...
  • Cute Cactus readfing about Lectins
    Lectins: The surprise hidden danger in your healthy diet?
    Arthritis, heart disease, weight gain...
  • barefoot homeopathy uses these remedies
    Barefoot homeopath tells how to spot an excellent practitioner
    Angela Nicholson (homeopath at the...
  • savedgarlic
    Chop, chew or crush your...
  • natural antibiotics to knock out the flu
    Knock out that cold or flu and fast track your way back to health!
    Much to my despair, after...
  • allergies relieved with homeopathy
    Allergies relieved with Homeopathy
    Homeopathy Highly Successful in Hayfever...
  • letters of anxiety
    Anxiety – Calming remedies for your child
      Do you have a nervous...
  • womans arm needs batteries because she is exhausted
    Befriend your hormones by naturally supporting adrenal fatigue
    The relationship between adrenal fatigue...
  • earimage
    Homeopathy, glue ear and recurrent ear infections
    Recently I have been coming...
  • natural antibiotics to knock out the flu
    How to make the most powerful natural antibiotic! [Louise's Elixir Recipe]
    Make the most powerful natural...
  • Beautiful granddaughter visiting her elderly kind grandfather.
    How to slow down aging, the 5 side effects of kindness
    Life changing information about the...
  • world without homeopathy
    Imagine A World Without Homeopathy? Campaign shows how to help keep remedies available
    Imagine what it would be...
  • natural antibiotics to knock out the flu
    Avoid Antibiotics: How To Use Natural Antibiotics Hiding In Your Kitchen
    Every year, there are a...
  • woman walking on the beach
    Invisible Scars: Living With PTSD
    In Australia, the figure is...
  • vegetables
    MTHFR: a role for Homeopathy?
    Recently, there have been many...
  • clever packed lunch
    The Clever Packed Lunch: Book review
     At the beginning of every...
  • homeopathy surge becaus epeople love it - bleeding heart plant
    Homeopathy surge worldwide
    As the owner of a...
  • france-oscillo
    A Little Jaunt to France - Homeopathy in Europe
    Travelling in France in October...
  • cure
    CURE, A Journey into the science of mind over body: Book Review
    Cure? As a homeopath, I...
  • children-eating-yoghurt
    Practical Ways To Help Children Lose Weight
    Weight Loss and Children With so...
  • laughter
    Homeopathy For Childhood Behaviour Problems?
    For the parents of zippy,...
  • father and baby
    Practical Ways To Help A Baby With Colic
    When your baby keeps crying,...
  • child-by-the-sea
    Practical Ways To Help A Child With Eczema
    While you wait for the...
  • scared child
    Practical Ways To Help A Child With Night Terrors
    Awake but not awake, staring...
  • child-blowing-dandilion
    Practical Ways To Help A Fearful Child
    There are some practical ways...
  • pencil-and-paper
    HHC Pilot Intern Program
    PRESS RELEASE The Harbord Homeopathic Clinic,...
  • chamomila-hipster
    Chamomilla for teething. When to use it?
    Chamomilla for teething is part...
  • Homeopathy for Plants
    Last year a friend of...
  • crying
    Crying in Newborns
    One of the main discussions...
  • brownies
    20 Tips to Control Your Sugar Cravings
    Is giving up sugar a...
  • sugar spoon
    Is There Too Much Sugar in Your Day?
    You don’t need to be...
  • sugar
    The Different Names for Sugar
    The Different Names for Sugar 1....
  • two-women-arguing
    Homeopathy and true scepticism
    I would like to invite...
  • ears-of-wheat
    If I Don’t Eat Wheat, What Can I Eat??
    The thought of excluding wheat-containing...
  • boy-looking-at-egg
    Hair analysis, homeopathy and childhood allergies
    “He is allergic to everything...
  • facts-about-allergy-eczema
    Homeopathy for eczema and allergies
    Henry’s mum felt guilty -...
  • wheat-and-bread
    The Problem with Eating Wheat
    WHEAT is in so many...
  • watermelon_kid
    Is My Dairy Free Child Getting Enough Calcium?
    Is my DAIRY FREE child getting enough...
  • night terrors
    Night Terrors and Homeopathy
     Sweet Dreams with Homeopathy Those parents...
  • alice in wonderland
    Homeopathy: Why Have a Mad Hatter's Tea Party?
    Ask as you may, the...
  • flower-goldensealgold
    Homeopathy for Impetigo
    Impetigo is a contagious skin complaint...
  • remedies-from-hahndorf
    Homeopathy Kit in Hahndorf
    A visit to the Adelaide...
  • glue-ear-aom-pic
    Making glue ear sexy with homeopathy
    OK, so glue ear isn’t...
  • good-news-for-people
    Good News For People With Bad News
    Even though the launch for...
  • person-jumping-for-joy
    Probiotics benefits, drawbacks, nutrition
    Achieving happy digestive balance through...
  • no-ones-sleeping
    Pyrrole disorder: a homeopathic perspective
      Can homeopathy help the People...
  • woman-walking-on-pylons
    Does Homeopathy Help With Hormones?
  • child-asleep-on-bread
    Insomnia and Homeopathy
    Homeopathy, Saviour of Sleep! I don’t...
  • Partners turned away from each other
    Difficult Relationships - How Homeopathy Can Help
    Difficult relationships – they are...
  • beds-in-hospital
    Could Homeopathy help avert the coming Antibiotic Resistance crisis?
    The History of Antibiotics Most of...
  • a-man-sitting
    Resilience Through Suffering From A Homeopathic Perspective
    From Suffering to Strength with...
  • Why Australia Should Be Nicer To Homeopathy.
    Homeopathy in Australia Why should Australia...
  • sneeze
    Beating the Man-Flu with Homeopathy
      Mainstream society has, over time,...
  • persons emotions
    Emotional Wellness with Homeopathy
      Whenever a patient asks me...
  • gentle-birth book
    Book review: Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering
    I would like to recommend...
  • toby-after
    Eczema and homeopathy
    Toby's story A story of eczema...
  • lisa
    Lisa and the Mystery of the Little White Globules
    This book review is written...
  • self-medicating
    Self-medicating in homeopathy: is there a place for it?
    Ask any homeopath if they...
  • meditation
    Homeopathy for spiritual development
    Can Homeopathy be used to...
  • woman-lying-holding-remedy
    Is there a natural treatment for sinusitis?
    Antibiotics and conventional medicine can...
  • vegetables
    Maintaining Weightloss Through Good Nutrition
    The pressures of life today...
  • sports-injury
    Book Review: Homeopathy for Sports, Exercise and Dance
    Book Review - Homeopathy for...
  • Traumeel ankle pain
    How to treat a sprained ankle? Use Traumeel
    How to treat a sprained...
  • atms-352
    Homeopathy Improves Your Quality of Life
    Homeopathy Improves Your Quality of...
  • Homeopathy for Plants
    Homeopathy for Plants: Book Review
    Homeopathy for Plants: Book review Homeopathy...
  • flax_seed-300x199
    Flaxseed May Help Reduce Blood Pressure
    Flaxseed may help reduce blood...
  • kidstv
    Television and Children: Limiting Screen Time, Teaching Good TV Habits
    When it comes to television...
  • apples
    Apples and pears reduce your stroke risk
    White fruit and vegetables, including...
  • newborn
    What is Strep B? What is GBS?
    Strep B is short for...
  • Challenging Children
    Challenging Children: Success with Homeopathy
    One of the great strengths...
  • antibiotic-pills
    Australia's most popular antibiotic is no longer effective
    Australia’s most popular antibiotic has...
  • What Is Homeopathy?
    First of all, it is...
  • inspired-chidren
    Anger at Children
     5 ways to keep the...
  • newborn-small
    Homebirth: Safer and Cheaper
    My three kids were...
  • bedwetting
    Sleep for Children
    Bed Time Capers Many parents struggle...
  • the-clever-packed-lunch
    How Can I Develop Healthy Eating Habits In My Children?
      Most parents struggle with their...
  • Walnuts for the boys
    Walnuts for the boys
    And here is one for...
  • Walnuts for the girls
    Walnuts for the girls
    Walnuts for the girls: Walnuts...
  • pregnant-midwife
    How can I find a midwife?
    Thanks to Jane Palmer for...
  • hiking
    Immune Boosting Bushwalking
    Six hours of bushwalking has...
  • Art Therapy in Manly Daily & Northside Newspapers
  • honey
    Honey – A Sweet Treat for Night Coughs
      Honey is more effective than...
  • homeopathics
    Children in Germany: Widespread use of homeopathy
    Widespread use of homeopathy for...
  • blender
    Fat Burning
    Spring has sprung!….well almost....and the...
  • chicken-soup-recipe
    TGA warns: Potential risk of cough & cold medicines for kids
    The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration...
  • spinachmeatballs-small
    How To Make Sure They’re Eating Healthily When You’re Not Watching!
    The Healthy Lunchbox There’s no doubt...
  • bedwetting
    Children and bedwetting: What can parents do to help?
    Bedwetting can be upsetting and...
  • stephen myers
    Professor Stephen Myers defends complementary medicine in universities
    Support for keeping complementary medicine...
  • hhcc_kinma school
    Homeopathy Talk at Kinma School
        Lorraine Ellison (homeopath in our...
  • Blueberry Pudding
    Are School Lunches the Key to Academic Excellence?
    The evidence that processed and...
  • linlee-jordan-on-the-radio
    Linlee Jordan on Radio Out There
      "As a qualified medical specialist...
  • garlic to treat the flu
    Garlic Great for Food Poisoning
    In a recent study, garlic...
  • Homeopathy Awareness Article in the Manly Daily